Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have you noticed...I am taking a break!

We have been so busy with packing, cleaning, getting the house ready for renters, and all kinds of other things......that blogging is just the last thing on my mind. I will start up again at the end of June, after we arrive in Vancouver. I am going to have to have a blog re-do because Vegas is in my title, and I will no longer live there! Bye for now-

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Sweet Madi-

Afew months ago, Madi joined a new softball team. Not only has this new team had a lot of success, but Madi has been having a great time. I love to look at these pics and see the smile on her face with her buddies. I know she will miss these girls very much. I am sure she will make many new friends in Washington....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

20 years later, and we are going home!

Well, it's official. Charles was offered the job in Vancouver, and he accepted the position. Where do I start? I am oh so excited. It's just that the excitement is stifled a bit with the long "to-do list" ahead of us. I am such a procrastinator, and I know this. So I am going to try really hard not procrastinate when it comes to this move. We will be arriving sometime in June. We haven't quite nailed down any dates or anything. The girls seem excited. I think we are all ready to embark on a new chapter in our lives. I expect everyone who reads this blog, and lives in Vancouver, to become fans of Evergreen HS Football. This fall, friday nights...will mean..Friday Night Lights! Won't it be fun, all of us cheering and stuff. Shannon can get her old skirt and pom poms out. he he- Uncle Todd can get out his old BG uniform, put on the shoulder pads, and knock people out. Ha! Well, I leave in the morning at 6 am. for a softball trip, and I haven't even packed. So I need to get my life together. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and support. To Dena, and Laurie....my sweet dearest Vegas friends. You have both been like sisters to me. Thanks for including me in your families. It's going to be very hard to leave y'all. I love ya. To Mom, Dad, Shannon and fam, get ready for the wonderful, busy, crazy Anthony family....cuz we are a comin'

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Would You Rather........

This weekend at my softball games, one of my players asked me some random "would you rather" question. Something like.....would you rather a pencil get stuck in your eyeball or.....a toothpick get jammed into the tip of your big toe, and you have to bang it against the wall. I couldn't pick. That just started a weekend full of "would you rather "questions. Infact.....I can't stop thinking about them. So I was just going to throw one out there for blogland. So answer the question, and explain why that is your choice. Then ask a would you rather question of your own. Okay, now let me think? Would you rather.......never get to use a computer again or.... never get to eat sweets again?
C'mon people, just amuse me with some more questions. Some good ones that I can use. Of course some of the ones getting thrown around were a bit gross...a bit funny...just not quite right. But give me what you got!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We have really been excited about the opportunity to move to Washington. We just feel "done" with Vegas. We believe this is the direction that God has for us, but you just never know. Anyways, tomorrow at 3:30 Charles will be having a phone interview for the EHS football job. There are locals who are very connected going for the same job. Can we all pray that the interview would go great! I always pray that the athletic director, principal, etc...won't be able to get Charles name off their mind. That God will just keep reminding them of him, and lead their thoughts back to him. You can pray whatever you think will be helpful of course.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day! History is Made-

What a WONDERFUL day to be a part of. I had a great morning, at home, with my husband, watching President Obama take over the reigns. Even though I didn't vote for him, I am encouraged by how far we have come as a nation. That people like Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks, etc. made an impact that carried far beyond what they could have imagined. I don't think any President in history has had as many expectations put on him as he does. So many think he holds many answers. I support him in his mission, and I pray that America can be strong again.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blogging vs. Facebook

My sister, Shannon, was bringing up the fact that more people seem to be checkin' in more to their facebook pages these days than their blogs. I know I am guilty for sure. Facebook is just easier. It's like one sentence....Kim is...!! Blogging takes much more brain power! I don't always seem to have enough of that to go around these days. I still do check blogs everyday. So those of you who are keeping up with yours, good on ya. I read it all the time. Please give those of us who aren't real consistent these days a break! Well, gotta go see what's going on in the facebook world! Lol!